A Vital Healthcare Concept


The most important concept in health...that no one is talking about

When I first read the words "preconception planning" in a research journal, it was a totally foreign concept to me. It made sense, sure, but why hadn't I heard about it? I had my undergrad degree in a health field, and I was almost done with my DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) program. Even those people weren't talking about what a woman should do BEFORE she wants to conceive to ensure her part of a healthy conception, pregnancy, and baby.

The more I researched, the more I learned, and the more it became clear to me...this is the most important concept of our generation regarding health, and NO ONE is talking about it!

That is when I made this my mission. I would do what I could for myself and my family to learn how to properly plan for conception. Beyond that, I would help my patients, future patients, and those I may never even encounter directly. I would help them understand what preconception planning is. WHY it's so important for all females of childbearing age to be at least aware of this concept. Finally, I would help them to understand the profound impact even small steps now can have on the health of their future pregnancies and babies.

I didn't know exactly how I would do it, or what it would look like. Heaven knows the vision to live out my mission has shifted and morphed along the way. At this moment in time, I am proud to announce the creation of my course "Preconception Planning in 4 Simple Steps". It’s open for enrollment, so you can get started today and we can begin this wonderful journey together!

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